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Do you know how Lord Shiva was born? 

We all know that Lord Shiva is invisible and has no birth or death. But we still do not know the story of how he first appeared on this earth. Let's know the myth about it, that history.


When was Lord Shiva born?

Hinduism is one of the highest religions in the world. It is in Hinduism that many of the world's highest ideas are explored. This includes the four ancient Sanskrit Vedas, the Rig Veda, the Yasur Veda, the Sama, and the Atharvana Vedas, and the Twelve Thirumuras, the Tamil Vedas.

Shiva Purana

The rituals include various teachings at different times. some teachings are given directly by the Lord through those who are fit for the mind of the Lord. The Puranas thus bestowed were compiled into twelve verses. The Shiva Purana is the eighth edition. In it, Lord Shiva's pride is fully described.


Thiruvasakam is a collection of vegan Tamil texts written by Manikkavasakara who lived in the late ninth century. The Shiva Purana is the first part of a special book called Urugadar for Thiruvasakam.



Many ages ago a great problem arose for Brahman, the god of creation, and his father, Barkadal Adiban Barandaman. Who is the greatest of the two, that is, the proudest? That is the competition. He was showing his shoulder strength to his father Maha Vishnu who created him. The God of creation is four-faced. Then a miracle appeared in heaven.
In the blink of an eye, a test form appeared before them. It was understood to be a form of fire with thousands of suns of light, but matched by cooling.
As soon as they saw the linga form, the god of protection and the god of creation decided to see the hair and one to see the blow and proceeded to test that which has no beginning and no end. 
lord-shiva-images-rareAs the search continued for many ages, the two finally wandered off and bowed at his feet, realizing that he was a greater power than themselves.
This is known as the first linga vision of the Lord. Well then, did not Brahman and Vishnu know a source more powerful than both of them? Don't they both know that such a person exists? No. Was the almighty Lord Shiva born on that day?
This is a game created to show the world that Shiva is the first and he is the leader. The world here does not refer to soil and mere human beings. Thevar, Asura. Gandharva, the sage, the planets are the bridge to the impurity of the bridge, yaksars, human beings, everyone realized that this carnival.
The Sikhs call Shiva the name of that lineage which has no beginning and no end. The Vaishnava Sironmanis, who are named after the North and the South, see the primordial object as the source of Vishnu carrying the conical wheel and call him Mahavishnu.
The Paraprammam called Eesan is the Adi lineage which has no beginning and no end, no rise and fall, and is beyond pleasure and suffering.


He is neither male nor female. The question then arises as to whether he is Arthanaria (a mixture of the two)? There is only man and woman in man. There are males and females in every other living thing on earth. All these are the creation of God. Such dichotomies are only needed for living organisms in the world.
Because the cycle of the world is in the appearance of life. Each species breeds to develop its own lineage. In order for the organism to form, the male and female systems must be present in the organism. 
Creatures were created bisexual to support their reproductive organs. It is with these reproductive organs that the lineage of the respective organisms is formed.
Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. We have seen that creatures were created male and female to reproduce. 
The Lord, the source of all this, is beyond all these. He did not have to carry the child in his womb and raise the dynasty. So he does not have to be male or female. That is why we say that he is beyond anything.


Adisankaran is the male symbol of Para Brahma. This Adisankara has incarnated as Brahman, Vishnu, and the Bhairava of the period of destruction. shiva-images-for-dp

Adishakti (also known as Seethaladevi) is the female symbol of Para Brahma. She has appeared as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga. It is this paraprammam that Tirumulan's Thirumanthiram melts along its path.

"பிறவிப் பெருங்கடல் நீந்துவார் நீந்தார் இறைவனடி சேரா தார்."
shiva-images-hd-downloadIt is this lineage that Valluvam refers to as the need to follow the Lord in this life if a man is to avoid his rebirth. Anbe Shivam!

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